Frequently Asked DPP Questions for Future OSU Students

What are the requirements for admission?

The program is available to new and continuing students at LBCC or OSU based on the criteria below. Requirements vary depending on your applicant type (U.S. citizen/permanent resident alien/international student/post-baccalaureate), and whether you are a first-year or transfer student. Students who meet OSU's admissions requirements (which you can check here) are eligible to apply for DPP right away. Students who do not yet meet those criteria can apply after:

  • Completing 24 credits of transferable, college-level coursework;
  • Earn a GPA of 2.25 or better;
  • Completing WR 121 English Composition with a "C" or better.
  • Completing either MTH105 or MTH111 with a "C" or better  (**While completion of college-level math is strongly recommended, transfer students may be admitted to OSU without math if they have met all other requirements with at least a 2.50+ transfer GPA.  Once admitted to Degree Partnership, a college-level math course must be completed within the first 45 credits.)

Who decides if I get admitted?

First-time and transfer applicants must meet the admission criteria for both institutions. The criteria for admission to OSU are more selective than for LBCC.

In the case of post-baccalaureate students, materials of qualified applicants, including a Statement of Objectives, are forwarded to the designated departments for the final decision. The Office of Admissions communicates the official departmental decision.

How do I find out if I am admitted?

  • First-year and transfer students will receive notification from OSU and LBCC.
  • Continuing students need to be in "good standing" with their current institution.

When should I sign up for DPP?

The short answer is as soon as you are eligible. DPP students have access to OSU degree planning tools and advising.  Once you take an OSU class, you will be locked into a set of OSU degree catalog requirements.   This way, if OSU's programs change some of their requirements, you will not have to re-take classes or take different classes from that catalog year.

At the very least, however, sign-up about a month prior to the start of the term you would like to begin taking classes at OSU. Here is the link to the official DPP application deadlines.

Do I need to attend an orientation program at both LBCC and OSU?

Orientation programs are designed to help you become familiar with the procedures and services at each school. If you have never attended LBCC or OSU, you must attend a new student orientation.

For students interested in attending only LBCC your first term, you will need to sign up for one of our new student center appointments.  Send an email to with your name and student ID number to let LBCC know you need to have a new student center appointment link sent to you. 

For students interested in registering for classes at both campuses or only OSU their first term, you will be required to attend an OSU session.  LBCC is on OSU's campus during those sessions as well, to help you register for LBCC classes and answer questions. 

New international students are required to attend the international student orientation at their "home school" (the school that issues the I-20). You are encouraged, but not required, to attend the orientation at the other school.

Do I need to take the placement tests at both LBCC and OSU?

As a DPP student new to both campuses, you will be attending an OSU START and taking the math placement at OSU. This score may be used to place you into math classes at LBCC as well. If you scored below a certain level on the OSU placement test, we will ask you to take the LBCC placement test in order to more accurately place you into a developmental (pre-college level) math course. DPP students are automatically placed in WR 121 English Composition.

If you do not intend to take classes at OSU right away, and want to attend START in a future term, you will need to take LBCC's math and writing placement tests. To schedule an appointment, see our student assessment center website.  If you live out of the area, you may take the LBCC math placement tests online with special arrangements. Contact Student Assessment at (541) 917-4781, or email

If you are transferring to OSU and LBCC from another college, have your transcripts sent to both colleges so that pre-requisites can be waived as appropriate. 

  • For transcripts being sent to OSU, have your official transcripts mailed to: Office of Admissions, Oregon State University, 104 Kerr Admin Bldg., Corvallis OR  97331. 
  • For transcripts being sent to LBCC, have your official transcripts sent to:  LBCC Admissions & Records Office, 6500 Pacific Blvd SW, Albany OR  97321.  Watch for an email (sent to your LBCC student RoadRunner email address), which will let you know that we have received your transcript and the institution it was sent from.  This e-mail will contain a link to an  online form that you are required to complete to have your transcript evaluated.  Click here for more information on LBCC's transcript evaluation policy.

How is my tuition calculated?

You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state, or international) LBCC tuition and fees for the courses you take at LBCC. You will be billed the appropriate (in-state, out-of-state) OSU tuition and fees for courses you take at OSU. Current tuition and fee rates can be found in the Schedule of Classes for each school. You will be billed separately by each school.

If I am a DPP student, can I get an exemption from the "live-on-campus" requirement at OSU?

Oregon State University has an "on-campus living" requirement for first-year, residential students. Living on-campus is an integral and excellent way for students to connect with others on campus and has been shown to have a positive effect on student success.

Students wishing to apply for an exemption to this policy can do so if they are taking a majority (greater than 50%) of their credits at LBCC through DPP. Keep in mind that you must take the majority of your credits at LBCC for the entire academic year. You still must apply for housing at OSU and then request the exemption. Contact OSU Housing for more details. 

Can I live in the dorms at OSU if I am only taking classes at LBCC through DPP?

Yes as long as you are a DPP student taking at least 12 credits at LBCC, you can live on-campus at OSU. Please contact OSU Housing with additional questions.

What about Oregon Promise?

To utilize Oregon Promise, LBCC must be listed as the student's home school for financial aid.  Students are required take at least 6 credits a term at LBCC, and aid is paid out in proportion to the number of credits taken at LBCC.  In addition, recipients are required to complete a First Year Experience (FYE) orientation course (there are a couple of options that meet this requirement-- email for more information).  Oregon Promise only covers tuition for credits taken at LBCC, however credits completed at both colleges count toward the 90 credit limit allowed by Oregon Promise.

In some cases, it may be to a student's benefit to accept their OSU financial aid award and not take Oregon Promise funds.  This may be the case if a student is offered a scholarship through OSU which requires OSU to be the home school for financial aid.

For more details, specific enrollment criteria, and eligibility requirements for the Oregon Promise Grant click here.

Can I pay in-state tuition at LBCC if I reside out-of-state?

Residents of border states (WA, ID, NV, CA) pay in-state tuition at LBCC, but not at OSU. Residents of non-border states can establish in-state residency at LBCC within 90 days. LBCC policy does allow students to establish residency by living in a Residence Hall or in Greek Housing for 90 days and then completing the Residency Affidavit. Requirements for establishing residency at OSU are different and more stringent.

Are DPP students required to pay the OSU matriculation fee?

DPP students are not required to pay this fee when admitted to DPP; however, they will be assessed this fee the first time they register for an OSU class.

Are DPP students required to pay the OSU student services fee?

DPP students are not required to pay this fee when admitted to DPP; however, they will be assessed this fee the first time (and each term) they register for an OSU class.

When do I have to pay tuition and fees?

LBCC - Payment due dates can be found here.

OSU - Fee payment information can be found in the online Schedule of Classes and printed Registration Information Handbook.

What are the add/drop and tuition refund deadlines?

LBCC - You may add or drop courses that are three weeks or longer by the 2nd Monday of the term and receive a full refund for the courses you dropped. Find out more about refunds here: Add/drop deadlines.

OSU - It is the on the Sunday at the end of the first full week of classes.  Refer to their academic calendar for more information.  The Tuition/Fee Reduction and Refund Schedule is on the Office of the Registrar webpages and printed Registration Information Handbook.

Are DPP students eligible to play a sport at LBCC?

NWAC eligible athletes are required to take at least 36 credits total each year during their two years of participating in a sport. For DPP students, in the off-season this could include a mix of credits from both LBCC and OSU. During the actual playing season, an athlete playing for LBCC must be taking at least 12 credits at LBCC. If a sport spans into two different terms, 12 credits from LBCC is required for both. There are a few petition-able exceptions to that rule, especially as it relates to second and third year Oregon State students. Please refer to the NWAC eligibility fact page

After You're Admitted - Now what?

Here is a link to a great resource on OSU's Degree Partnership page.  It includes a to-do list if you are attending OSU for the term you were admitted to the Degree Partnership Program, and one if you are taking advantage of the 10 term window to attend only LBCC at first.  There is a lot of good information on OSU's Degree Partnership website.