Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need to attend an orientation program at LBCC?

If you are not new to OSU, you are not required to take an orientation at LBCC when you sign up for the Degree Partnership Program. We do, however, have different policies and systems here than at OSU, and it pays for you to be familiar with these.

How do I sign up for classes at LBCC once I'm admitted to the DPP program?

You will receive an acceptance email from LBCC letting you know that you are admitted to the DPP program.  At that time you should be able to log in to your LBCC Webrunner account (this looks very similar to ONID).  Use your OSU 9-number to log in, and your birthdate (MMDDYY) as the initial password.  Under the "student" tab, you'll see the "registration" link, just like in ONID.  Use that to register for classes.  You can find the date that you are allowed to register by clicking on "Registration status."  Also check out our Student Scheduler tool, located under the "registration" link, to help plan your schedule at both schools.  If you need help registering, please give us a call or send an email to

How do I pay for classes at LBCC with my OSU financial aid?

While your credits are added together that you are taking at both schools to show your total credit load, our billing systems are not connected.  OSU will not send LBCC money directly to pay your LBCC tuition.  It is your responsibility to pay your LBCC bill.  LBCC offers online payment through your WebRunner account (and there is not an additional fee to use a credit card at LBCC), or you can pay in-person at our Business Office located in the Calapooia Center on the Albany Campus.

Can I re-take a class that I failed at OSU at LBCC?

You can re-take a class that you failed, and when you pass that class at LBCC, it can meet graduation or program requirements at OSU. However, you cannot replace the grade you got at OSU with the grade you got at LBCC (or vice verse). Grade replacements can only happen within the same institution. Generally, then, we tell students to re-take the class they failed at the institution they originally took the class at.

Are classes at LBCC easier than at OSU?

Although all classes are different, the short answer is no. When a class counts at both institutions, it's because both schools have reviewed the class and found that it leads to students reaching the same learning outcomes. Classes at LBCC are often smaller, which means that you get more interaction with the instructor, and the instructor can assign more grading-intensive projects. This means that classes at LBCC are just as hard, if not harder, than the same class at OSU.

How do I get into an LBCC class, when I took the pre-requisite at OSU?

Simply fill out this online form.


How will I know if I am taking the right courses at LBCC to transfer into my major at OSU?

Click on the graphic below for an informational video.

OSU advisors can assist in making suggestions of courses that would be good to pick up at OSU.  Following the LBCC catalog plan of study for an AS degree will also ensure that your courses transfer to OSU.  Many programs have developed advising guides that list courses beyond those included in the AS that will transfer to OSU in your major (ask your advisor!).


How do my credits get from LBCC to OSU?

LBCC sends transcripts free of charge for all of our DPP students to OSU at the end of each term.  The Admissions office at OSU will then review the transcripts and add the new courses to your OSU transcript.  This process can take up to a month after the end of each term.