Success Resources!

Achieving success is something each person must strive towards. As college students, there are many things you can do to work towards your goals. This page offers you many resources and tools to use as you study here at LBCC.

We believe that wellness affects your ability to cope with the various aspects of your college education.

We also believe that there are many strategies to being successful in college. For example, if you want to do well in your classes, it's good to plan out your classes and study time with a weekly study calendar. You may also evaluate your grade throughout the terms, by evaluating how you are doing. It is also helpful to plan ahead with a Term at a Glance calendar.

Studying well requires you to prepare for success, preview materials, attending classes, and reviewing the material. If you look at the study cycle, you may find information that can help you on your road to success.

When you need help, reach out! The International ambassadors are here to guide you. Plus, there are many people around LBCC ready to offer their assistance.