International Ambassadors

The International Ambassadors for Cultural and Academic Success are trained student leaders ready to provide support for international students at LBCC! As International Ambassadors are international students themselves, they have unique insights into how to be successful at LBCC. 

International Ambassador Team

Meeting with an Ambassador!

When you meet with an ambassador, simply share how you are doing! The ambassadors have experience studying in the states and can share ideas for how to get involved and engaged on campus and in your studies!

How Can I Make an Appointment!

Ambassadors hold office hours throughout the week. You can also request an appointment at a different time by emailing

Starting May 15th, office hours for ambassadors are those listed below.

  • Monday: 1-4 PM -- Ambassadors Available: Camila or Mounir
  • Thursday: 2-4 PM -- Ambassadors Available: Ganji or Trung

Can I Invite an Ambassador to Visit my Class?

Yes, you can? Visit the Classroom Visits Page to learn more!

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