Traveling & Arrival

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Bring this with you!

When you're coming to the U.S. to study for a few years, it can be hard to know what to pack. The top five items international students tell us they bring to the U.S. are below.

  1. Laptop computer
  2. Rain jacket or coat
  3. Camera (Your phone might have a great camera.)
  4. Electronic translator to use for your classes.
  5. Cultural items that represent your home country and life back home

For more packing tips, check out this guide from your international ambassadors.

Plan ahead! Do this before you arrive!

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months ahead.
  • Arrange for housing or a place to stay.
  • Make sure you will arrive in the US in time for orientation. If you are unable to attend orientation, you may need to defer your attendance for one term.
  • Arrange travel from the airport (see below).
  • Email LBCC's International Programs about your travel plans.
  • Organize your finances. Plan to travel with less cash and decide where you will withdraw funds to support your stay.
  • Read about what Customs & Border Protection will allow you to bring with you to the United States. Also, check out the Don't Pack a Pest campaign for easy viewing of what you can pack!

Traveling from the airport:

When booking your ticket, you will want to book a ticket to either Portland (PDX) or Eugene (EUG). Portland is the nearest port of entry for international travelers. Once you arrive, you'll want to take a shuttle or bus to Albany or Corvallis.

If questions arise, contact the International Programs Office by emailing