Housing & Personal Needs

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LBCC does not have on-campus housing at this time. However, Student Life and Leadership provides information on local housing through their website and the LBLive app available for your phone.

If you choose to live in Corvallis, you can take the Linn-Benton Loop Bus between Corvallis and Albany for free!


If you plan to have a car, plan to check into LBCC's Parking Rules. Parking on campus is free. If you do plan to drive, it is a good idea to register your car through the Public Safety Office in RCH 119.

You must get an Oregon Driver's License to drive while studying at LBCC. You will need to take a written test and take a driving test in order to get your license. As rules in Oregon differ from other US states as well as countries around the world, we advise you to learn about safe driving in Oregon through the DMV's website. You can also learn about what to expect when you visit the DMV by checking out this SAVE Fact Sheet.

Food & Dining

As you get used to Albany and Corvallis, you can find different restaurants and cafes to eat at through sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp. Or, you can cook your own food by visiting a local grocery store in your neighborhood. We advise students to find the places they like that fit within their personal budgets. If you need recommendations and support, stop by the International Programs office to meet with an advisor or international peer ambassador!


Opening a bank account here in the US might make it easier for you to manage making payments and getting cash when you need it. As you work to open the account, make sure to ask questions. For example, do you have a monthly fee for the account? Check out more detailed information here.

Cell Phones

You may want to invest in a local cell phone while you're studying in the states. Cell phone carriers vary; you may want to check with friends or other international students to see which providers they like. Some of the primary carriers in the region include AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. You may also want to connect with your peers through free apps including WeChat, WhatsApp, or Viber.