DPP Transfer Guides

While there is no substitute for meeting with your advisor regularly, the DPP transfer guides to OSU or the WOU/LBCC Four-Year Transfer Plans can be a good reference as well.  Click either link below for OSU and WOU's transfer guides.

DPP Transfer Guides for OSU

The column on the left is a list of LBCC's Associate of Science degrees (the "I want to transfer to OSU" degree) for each major, and those links will take you to a transfer guide.  On the on the right lists the corresponding OSU degree options, and those links will take you to OSU department websites for additional information. 

DPP Transfer Guides for WOU

These are Four-Year plans that will assist prospective students in viewing requirements for individual degrees with required courses that are available at LBCC and courses that are WOU.


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