Program Spotlight: Accounting Technology

LBCC's Accounting Program
Chris Ruderman, Instructor
MacKenzie Hall, room 114

In as little as nine months, you can earn a one-year Accounting Clerk certificate and be ready for the workforce. Or, you can earn your two-year degree in Accounting Technology.

"Starting wages are significantly higher than most jobs. And, every business needs some kind of accountant, so there's definitely a job market out there." Jennifer McCooey, accounting technology student

We all do some type of accounting in our daily lives. Whether it’s taking care of our personal finances, balancing a cash register after work, or keeping track of our calories or exercise routines. Accounting uses organizational and basic math skills to help businesses, and people, stay on track.

Accountant professionals use solid management practices to help businesses manage their daily finances. Most businesses use some type of accountant, so there's a wide variety of job options in the workplace from medical and educational institutions, banking, marketing, insurance agencies, and small and large businesses of all types – you name it. If it's a business, there's accounting!

Meet the student:

Jennifer McCooey, Accounting Technology major
Attended South Albany High School, Earned her GED, Started at LBCC



Jennifer has always liked organizing things and working with numbers. After taking general education classes, she decided to take the Practical Accounting I class. She really liked it. “I really clicked with the concepts of accounting. You don’t have to be a math brain. If you have basic math skills, organization skills, and a good memory, accounting could be a good career choice for you."

Meet the graduates:

Chris Warriner, Accounting Technician, OSU College of Veterinary Medicine
AAS, Accounting Technology, LBCC 2012


Chris helps manage finances for the OSU College of Veterinary Medicine. Accounting wasn’t a field he was considering, but, after researching careers, he found that accounting was high on the list for a good job outlook. The program is challenging in a good way, says Chris. “I worked as a manager at Little Caesars for a few years, and did some book keeping there which I kind of liked. But, I felt like I had gone about as far as I could at that job. After taking an introductory accounting class at LBCC, I found that I really liked it. The program took accounting to a whole new level. As I started to see the big picture of how everything fit, I realized it’s like one great big puzzle waiting to be solved. Now, I absolutely love my job.”

Angela Meyer, Accountant II, OSU Administrative Services Office
AAS, Accounting Technology, LBCC 2010


Angela is responsible for accounting and payments for OSU's campus construction. Although she started out in a temporary position, she said it was benefit for her to gain work experience. She advises other students to stick with it and to network, because in the end, it will pay off. "One of the key things about LBCC’s program is getting to network with other students. It’s really important to keep in touch with classmates in the program, because in the job market sometimes who you know can help you get your foot in the door. I really wanted to work for a school district, and here I am. Two of my former classmates work here as well. I love it here!”

Meet the Instructor:

Chris Ruderman
Business Management and Accounting


Find out more - contact:
Chris Ruderman,
MacKenzie Hall, room 114