Graduation Requirements and Degrees

LBCC offers degrees and certificates in a wide variety of fields - see our Programs of Study for a full listing!

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)
The Associate of Applied Science degree leads you directly to employment in a specific career. The degree is offered in a number of programs areas, and is awarded to students who complete the requirements of a specified, two-year career and technical program.

Associate of General Studies (AGS)
The Associate of General Studies degree allows you to complete a two-year curriculum, which may include lower-division collegiate and/or career and technical coursework. You can earn an AGS degree in any program of study at LBCC.

Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT)
The Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer degree will satisfy lower-division (first two years) general education requirements of any institution in the Oregon University System (but not necessarily school, department or major requirements with regard to courses or GPA). The degree does not require a designated major. Check with your advisor to concentrate your studies to an area of interest.

Associate of Science - Oregon State Direct Transfer (AS, with an emphasis in a specific area)
The Associate of Science degree is lower-division degree intended to transfer to Oregon State University, with a focus on the first two years of college coursework in your area of study.

Which transfer degree is right for me?

Associate of Science - Oregon State Direct Transfer Degree
Best choice if:

  • you will attend Oregon State University and you know what your major will be
  • you want to be an LBCC/OSU Degree Partnership student

Completion of this degree guarantees that you will transfer into OSU as a junior. Program classes are part of LBCC's graduation requirements and may be used for completion of a bachelors degree at OSU.

Degree requirements for AS - Oregon State Direct Transfer:
General Education Courses - 43 credits
Electives/Program Courses - 47 credits
Total: 90 credits

Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer Degree (AAOT)
Best choice if:

  • you will attend a four-year school in Oregon
  • you will attend an out-of-state school
  • you haven't chosen a four-year school yet
  • you want a four-year degree but haven't decided on a major yet

The AAOT degree is an agreement between Oregon's community colleges and University of Oregon, Oregon State University, Eastern Oregon State University, Portland State University, Southern Oregon University, Western Oregon University, and Oregon Institute of Technology. The AAOT also can be the right choice for other colleges and universities not on this list.

Completion guarantees that you will admitted as a junior at any of the above listed schools, but you will not necessarily be a junior in the program you've chosen.

Degree requirements for AAOT:
General Education Courses - 55 credits
Electives/Program Courses - 35 credits
Total: 90 credits 

Career Pathways Certificate of Completion
Career pathway certificates help guide you toward a chosen career through specific classes and expert training. Certificates range from 12 to 44 credits that are connected to an approved Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree, or an independent Certificate of Completion worth 45+ credits. Each pathway program at LBCC has a “roadmap” that shows the certificate or degree requirements and employment outlook.

Oregon Transfer Module
Completing the Oregon Transfer Module allows you to transfer 45 credits of general education requirements to any Oregon community college, Oregon university system institution, or participating Oregon independent college or university. It is not a degree or certificate. The receiving institution may require additional coursework for major or degree requirements, or to make up the difference between the Transfer Module and the institution’s total general education requirements.

General Education Development (GED)
GED preparatory classes are offered for adults who want to improve their general knowledge and skills in writing, reading, math, science or social studies. Enrollment fee is $30, and you may need to buy books and study materials. New students must attend a GED orientation before enrolling.

For more information, see your LBCC advisor.

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