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Setting His Sights High

Freddy Cisneros

…the LBCC   Foundation scholarship allowed me to spend time after class learning how to research and develop new foods and new tastes.

-Freddy Cisneros

Associate of Applied Science, Culinary Arts
Recipient of the Jen Juell Memorial Scholarship

Ambitious. Determined. Focused. These are words that LBCC Culinary faculty use to describe Freddy Cisneros.

At 22, Freddy has a dream to raise the international culinary bar by working in the top restaurants in the world, using the Michelin Guide as a roadmap. After that, he’ll open his own restaurant.

Thanks to his education at LBCC, he’s already well on his way.

Freddy graduated with a culinary arts degree in June, and immediately landed a position at world-renowned Alinea, the only Chicago restaurant to hold Michelin’s coveted three-star rating. Alinea and its chef Grant Achatz are known world-wide for their innovative cuisine and unique dining experience.

A first-generation student who grew up helping his family cook, Freddy’s focus and determination to succeed were evident from the start, and earned Freddy the Jen Juell Memorial Scholarship, which awarded him $1,000 a year for two years, through the LBCC Foundation.

The scholarship provided an opportunity for Freddy to spend more time focusing on his studies and developing his personal cooking style. He cites this financial support as the essential ingredient for fulfilling his culinary dreams.

“Instead of having to work more hours, the scholarship allowed me to spend time after class learning how to research and develop new foods and new tastes,” said Freddy. “The culinary program here really helps students focus on their personal skills and interests as chefs. Students are allowed to experiment and the instructors support them through their process of discovery.”

Building on his success at LBCC and in Chicago, Freddy has already moved on to an exciting new position at one of the top restaurants in the world: Pujol in Mexico City.

“My plan is to explore the world through my culinary work. Reaching out, discovering new things and taking it all in as I go,” said Freddy. “My goal is that 10 years from now, I’ll be opening a place of my own.