Future Students



What is DPP?

The Degree Partnership Program allows students to access classes and services at both LBCC & OSU.  Financial aid counts enrollment at both schools in the same term, if eligible.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Access to classes at both institutions.
  • Access to Advisors at both institutions.
  • Small class sizes at LBCC, generally between 20-40 students.
  • Lower cost in most cases.
  • Transcripts automatically shared between LBCC and OSU each term.
  • Students are protected from changes to academic programs at either institution.
  • Students can register for classes that require prerequisites (not taken at LBCC) by filling
    out the Prerequisite Override Request form
  • Access to services at both institutions:
    • LBCC's Learning Center with free math and writing labs and tutoring.
    • OSU's Student Health Center, Dixon Rec, University Housing, University 
      Counseling & Psychological Services.

Do I qualify?

High school seniors who meet OSU admission requirements can apply to OSU as a DPP student. If OSU requirements are not met, students can start at LBCC, then apply to DPP after:

  • Completing 24 transferable, graded credits.
  • Completing WR 121 with a "C" or better.
  • Achieving a 2.25 GPA or better.