About the Foundation

Board of Trustees

  • Officers: 
    President: Charlie Eads, Albany
    Vice President: Linda Modrell, Philomath
    Treasurer: Rosemary Bennett, Albany
    Secretary: tba
    Past President: Carolyn Gardner, Corvallis

    Dan Bedore, Albany
    Marty Cahill, Lebanon
    Randy Camp, Albany
    Nancy Ferguson, Corvallis
    Nancy Goode, Albany
    Doris Johnston, Albany
    Celeste Krueger, Albany
    Jo Ann McQueary, Sweet Home
    Diane Merten, Corvallis
    Andy Olson, Albany
    Rick Petersen, Brownsville
    George Pugh, Shedd
    Joan Reukauf, Albany
    Dan Segel, Portland
    Stacie Wyss-Schoenborn, Albany

  • Ex-Officio
    Jennifer Boehmer, Executive Director, College Advancement
    Lynn Hall, Classified Representative
    Greg Hamann, LBCC President
    Robert Harrison, Faculty Representative
    Dave Henderson, VP, Finance and Operations
    Rick Klampe, Faculty Representative

    Foundation Staff:
    Jim Birken, Planned Giving Manager
    Linnea Everts, Foundation Coordinator
    Donna Mainord, Systems Coordinator
    John McArdle, Director, Community and Government Relations
    Andrew Wynings, Director, Development and Operations

History of LBCC Book

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History of LBCC bookThe History of Linn-Benton Community College
By Rosemary Bennett, retired LBCC counselor

Purchase your copy through the LBCC Foundation today!
(541) 917-4209; College Center, room CC-105;  foundation@linnbenton.edu

Hardcover: $35, Softcover: $24
Proceeds benefit the LBCC Foundation Education fund.

The History of Linn-Benton Community College is a culmination of five years of research by the author, Albany resident Rosemary Bennett.

A chronological history written in anecdotal format, Bennett calls on her 36 years of experience as a guidance counselor at LBCC, along with countless interviews with students, staff and administrators, to weave a story about the grass-roots effort of local business leaders and community members who came together to change the landscape and culture of Albany. Bennett tells their story–including the opposition they faced and the support they found in unusual places–to bring a community college to Linn and Benton counties. The college they founded has served more than 600,000 students since its inception in 1967.