Related College Administrative Rules & Policies

Safety and Health

Prevention of Workplace Violence: AR 1025-01

Timely Warnings, Alerting Campus to threats: AR 1030-01

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse: AR 1040-01

Campus, Division or Department Closure: AR 5095-04

Smoking - Use of Tobacco: AR 5045-02

Door Security System: AR 5045-06

Surveillance and Monitoring Technology: AR 5045-07

Traffic and Parking Regulations and Procedures: AR 5050-01

Hazardous Materials: AR 5095-01

Health and Safety: AR 5095-02

Emergency Response: BP 5100

Employee Identification Card Procedures: AR 5110-01

Drug Free Workplace: AR 6135-01


Risk Management

Student Insurance Coverage: AR 5035-01

Risk Management: AR 5035 05

Use of College Facilities: AR 5045 01 with addendums

Operating College Owned or Rented Equipment: AR 5045-03

Van Safety Guidelines: AR 5045-03

Identity Theft: AR 5090-01



Standards of Employee Conduct: AR 1045 01

Student Rights, Responsibilities and Conduct: BP 7030-01