Civility at LBCC

                         Welcome to LBCC's web page for Creating a Culture of Civility.

While most members of the LBCC community usually exhibit civil behavior (i.e. appropriate social behavior, being respectful) on campus, we acknowledge that the uncivil behavior of a small number can create ripple effects throughout the community that disrupt the learning environment for many. The desire of the Campus Civility Project Team is to raise awareness of the behaviors that can create these disruptions and to develop ways to improve the level of respect we have for each other as a community.  

Preview a video on civility by the University of Tennessee.


Civility Defined:

According to the Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary civility is

a : civilized conduct; especially : courtesy, politeness

b : a polite act or expression.

Civility Defined

Themes extracted from LBCC's Survey of Civility included respectful, civil, professional, positive, helpful, equality, honesty, diversity, positive, listening, a sense of being active, “the golden rule,” inter-classification discussion/respect/tolerance, direct communication, the need for healthy disagreement.

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