Black and White Printing

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Xerox 4112 Black and White Copier

 Printing Services has two black and white high speed copiers. We are running two Xerox D136 machines. Both machines offer the same high quality printing but with slightly different bindery options. Having the option of running your job on either machine affords our customers the most options for all their printed materials. Just select "Black and White Printing" on your order form and we will run your job on whichever machine is most appropriate.

In order to stay competitive and encourage high volume work to stay on campus we have also implemented a new pricing structure. Our large run discount has been changed to allow customers more ability to actually use this discount. We also have added a 5% discount on academic work that is received with at least a 2 week turnaround in due date. This allows customers a chance to save some money as well as our department to flex work around our busy schedules.

If you have any questions or would like more information on our new pricing structure please call us directly at (541) 917-4673 and we can walk you through it.