Recording an Alternate Greeting

Follow the instructions below to record an alternate greeting for your phone to use when you are away from the office, or on vacation. (You can record up to four alternate greetings).
Recording an Alternate Greeting
1. Press the Voice Mail button on your phone, enter your password
       (Default password is 1234 until you change it)
2. Press 7 -- Advanced Options
3. Press 1 -- Call Screening & Alternate Greetings

4. Press * -- To add/edit alternate greetings

5. Press * -- To record a new greeting
6. Select a number from 1, 2, 3, 4 to record alternate greetings A, B, C, or D
Record your alternate greeting
7. Press any key when finished recording
To re-record (edit) your alternate greeting
Press * * (the number of your alternate greeting)
8. To turn on your Alternate Greeting press its number.
9. Press # -- to Exit.