LBCC Google Apps for Education (also known as “G Suite”) includes Google Groups. The Information Services Department creates, configures, and administers many Google Groups to help employees communicate with peers and manage their email. EVERYONE-LB and PUBLIC-LB are two Google Groups managed by the LBCC Information Services Department.



Everyone employed by LBCC is a mandatory member of the EVERYONE-LB group.

Messages addressed to EVERYONE-LB contain important, college-related information that applies to everyone employed by LBCC.  Examples include payroll information, notices of building maintenance, and storm closures. 

Only the individuals listed below can post messages to the EVERYONE-LB group. These individuals verify that messages sent to the EVERYONE-LB group conform to the EVERYONE-LB email policy. They may also edit submitted messages for punctuation, grammar, or spelling. If a message is submitted that does not conform to the EVERYONE email policy, an alternate group may be recommended (PUBLIC-LB, for instance).

If you have an important message that you would like to send to EVERYONE-LB, please contact the most appropriate person on this list:


Amanda Kleiver President's Office klievea@linnbenton.edu
Amber Vore Academic Affairs & Workiforce Development vorea@linnbenton.edu
Amy Sikora Admissions, Records & Registration sikoraa@linnbenton.edu
Bernita Rose Public Safety & Loss Prevention roseb@linnbenton.edu
Bruce Clemetsen Student Affairs clemetb@linnbenton.edu
Bryan Miyagishima Library miyagib@linnbenton.edu
Chad Pope Conference Services popec@linnbenton.edu
Cindy Sparks Finance & Operations sparksc@linnbenton.edu
Danny Aynes Admissions, Records & Registration aynesd@linnbenton.edu
Elaine Robinson Financial Aid & Vateran Affairs robinse@linnbenton.edu
Greg Hamann President hamanng@linnbenton.edu
IS/Media staff Information Services lbcchelpdesk@linnbenton.edu
Javier Cervantes Equity, Diversity & Inclusion cervanj@linnbenton.edu
Jess Jacobs Business Office jacobsj@linnbenton.edu
Kathy Withrow Human Resources withrok@linnbenton.edu
Kaylan Beaulieu-McCann Campus Store beaulik@linnbenton.edu
Kim Dammon Financial Aid & Vateran Affairs dammonk@linnbenton.edu
Laura Bewley Facilities bewleyl@linnbenton.edu
Lawrence LaJoie Campus Store lajoiel@linnbenton.edu
Marcene Olson Public Safety & Loss Prevention olsonm@linnbenton.edu
Margi Dusek  Business Office dusekm@linnbenton.edu
Michael Winder Performing Arts winderm@linnbenton.edu
Scott Rolen Human Resources rolens@linnbenton.edu
Vickie Keith Student Affairs keithv@linnbenton.edu




LBCC’s PUBLIC-LB group is an “opt-in” email group. Click here to learn how to JOIN. Messages about college sponsored activities or general interest items can be addressed to PUBLIC-LB. Examples of this include sales in the bookstore, items of furniture for trade, notifications of wellness activities, exhibits, or play openings, etc.

Messages related to volunteer or community organizations (like a Kiwanas fund raiser, or a Rotary dinner) can also be addressed to PUBLIC-LB.

Commercial messages (like kittens for sale, house for rent, etc.) can be posted on the PUBLIC-LB mailing but please stop by the Business Office to pay for this "want ad".  The fee is $2.00.  Please put "Paid Ad:" as the first part of the subject line.

Because the college is subject to Oregon laws about gambling, DO NOT send any email for any type of raffle.


Other Groups

Information Services will be happy to help you set up customized Google groups for committees or departments to facilitate sending e-mail that should only be sent to certain employees. Call contact Lorrie at x4366 or e-mail petersl@linnbenton.edu for customized groups.
You can define your own private email groups in LBCC Google Apps for Education by choosing Contacts, then New Group.