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Telecommuting during the Coronavirus Threat: Please find updated information and appropriate form to use under the heading "Telecommuting" in the list below.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act

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Payroll related forms


Personnel Separation Notification
Part-Time Faculty and Staff Tuition Waiver Form
2019-2020 Position Number Listing by Org w skill code
Employee Title Listing with skill code-all groups (currently unavailable-document updates in progress)
Tuition Waiver Form for Required Course
Address/Name Change Form

Appraisal Forms-Contracted Employee Appraisal Forms


Staff Calendars and Information (Contracted)

Employee ID
CWE/Learn and Earn Information Sheet
Disciplinary Action Form-Full-time Classified
Disciplinary Action Form-Full-time Faculty
Disciplinary Action Form-Management & Exempt and Confidential
HR Module Banner Access Form
Fillable Form I-9 or print and fill Form I-9 and Instructions for Form I-9

Payroll Authorizations


2020-21 Full-time Mgmt. & Exempt Salary Schedule
2020-21 Part-time, noncontracted Mgmt. & Exempt Salary Schedule

2019-20 Contracted Mgmt./Exempt Salary Schedule
2019-20 PTNC Mgmt./Exempt Salary Schedule

2020-21 Full-time Confidential Staff Salary Schedule
2019-20 Full-time Confidential Staff Salary Schedule

2020-21 Full-Time Faculty Salary Schedule
2020-21 Full-Time Faculty Overload Schedule
2020-21 Faculty Department Chair Point Schedule
2020-21 Faculty Program Chair Point Schedule

2019-20 Full-Time Faculty Salary Schedule
2019-20 Full-Time Faculty Overload Schedule
2019-20 Full-Time Faculty Department Chair Point Schedule
2019-20 Full-Time Faculty Program Chair Schedule eff. 2/17/2020

2020-21 Part-time Faculty Association or WCE Salary Schedule
2020-21 Non-credit Part-time, noncontracted Faculty Salary Schedule

2019-20 Part-Time Faculty Association or WCE Salary Schedule
2019-20 Part-Time Community Ed. or Non Credit Faculty Salary Schedule

2020-21 Full-time Classified Salary Schedule
2020-21 Part-time, noncontracted Classified Salary Schedule

2019-20 Contracted Classified Salary Schedule
2019-20 Part-Time, Noncontracted Salary Schedule

Principles for Telecommuters and Their Supervisors
Linn-Benton Community College Telecommuting Agreement


Families First Coronavirus Response Act Emergency Leave Request Form

Family Medical Leave Request Form

Opt-Out Form for LBCC Health Insurance
Tax Sheltered Annuity (TSA) Information

Pooled Reserve for Sick Leave


Application Screening Worksheet
Contracted Position Hiring Procedures
Employee ID 
Guest User Instructions
Guidelines for Providing Employment References
Fillable Form I-9 or print and fill Form I-9 and Instructions for Form I-9
Interviewing Guidelines
Managing Your Applicant Pool
Noncontracted Position Hiring Procedures
Recruitment and Hiring Checklist
Reference Checking Guidelines
Search Committee Confidentiality Form
Staff Projection Form
Supervisor’s New Employee Checklist
Telephone Reference Check Form
Temporary Agency Employee Determination Form
Temporary Agency Employee Job Order Form
Veterans Preference in Hiring Information


Accident Reporting
Nurse Plus 24/ 2017 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control Plans
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Acknowledgment Form
Prevention of Sexual Harassment Brochure
Request for Accommodation

Volunteer Information

Dept. Checklist for Placing a Volunteer
Volunteer Placement Form (Form A)
Volunteer Information Form (Form B)
Volunteer Workers’ Compensation Reporting Form (Form C)