Department Staff

Scott Rolen, Director
(541) 917-4425  CC-108

Bargaining Agreement Administration
Board Policies and Administrative Rules
Collective Bargaining
Compensation Systems
Complaint/Grievance Resolution
HR Department Oversight

Performance Management/Disciplinary Actions
Performance Review Systems
Personnel Issues/Questions
Supervisor Questions
Title IX Coordinator (Employee Issues)

Kathy Withrow, Assistant Director
(541) 917-4426  CC-108

ADA/Disability Accommodations
Bargaining Agreements 
Benefits Administration
Campus Lead, Section 504, Title II
     (Employee Issues)
Complaint Investigations
Disciplinary Actions
Employee Confidential Medical Issues
Exempt Classification/Reclassification
Exempt Salary Placements
Exposure Control

Leaves of Absence
Long Term Disability
Payroll Administration
Performance Issues
Personnel Review Issues/Questions
Personnel Issues/Questions
Retirement/Early Retirement
Return to Work
Sick Leave Pool Reserve Funds
Supervisor Questions
Workers’ Compensation

Deana Culbertson, Employment Services Manager
(541) 917-4431  CC-108

Applicant Tracking System
Classified Classification/Reclassification
I-9 Process
Interview Accommodations
Interviewing & Selection
Job Audits
Leaves of Absence

New Hire Process
Position Descriptions
Preferred Hiring/Recall
Retirement/Early Retirement
Student Learn and Earn
Supervisor Assistance

Elizabeth Pakravan, Employment Outreach and Recruitment Specialist
(541) 917-4427  IA-232A

Outreach and recruitment of Latinos and diverse populations
Train and coach on personal and professional growth and Implicit Bias

Dee Marriott, Human Resources Specialist
(541) 917-4422  CC-108

Applicant Tracking System
Contracted Employee Payroll Authorizations
Employee  Appraisals
Employment Website
Hiring Process
I-9 Process

New Hire Paperwork
Recruitment/Hiring Support
Salary Adjustments

Diana Ward, Benefits Specialist
(541) 917-4424  CC-108

Employee Assistance Plan (EAP)
Employee Benefits
Employee Exit Process
Exposure Control Backup
Flexible Spending Accounts
HR Dept. Accounts Payables
Insurance Billings
Insurance Sign-ups/Changes
Legal Name Changes

Life Insurance
Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance
MyOEBB System-Tech Support and Maintenance
New Employee Orientation
Open Enrollment Communication and Processing
Staff Projections
Tuition Waivers
Unemployment Claims
Workers’ Compensation Claims
Unemployment Claims

Kelli Dunleavy, HR Analyst
(541) 917-4432  CC-108

Administrative Support
Contracted Faculty Intent to Rehire Notices
Contracted Faculty Overload Years
Contracted Faculty Salary Placements
Human Resources Website
New Employee Orientation
Part-time Steps
Personnel Transactions
Position Control

Position Numbers
Salary Adjustments
Salary Increases
Service Awards
Staff Calendars
Teacher Standards/Practices Commission Forms

Sandra LeHoullier, HRIS Analyst
(541) 917-4429  CC-108

Employee ID Numbers
HR Banner Access 
HR Information System
HRIS Training
Payroll Lead
Payroll Training

Tess Cox, Payroll Specialist
Payroll Processing
(541) 917-4428  CC-108

Address Changes
Budget Labor Redistributions
Direct Deposits
Leave Accruals
Payroll Garnishments/Levies/Child Support

Payroll Questions
Payroll Schedule
Time Sheets
Verifications of Employment