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What is an emergency?

Any time there is the potential of physical harm to a person due to faulty equipment, or damage to a building, or if there is a building security issue, an immediate phone call must be made to the Facilities office at ext. 4720.

For example:

  • A stairwell railing is broken
  • Pop or other liquid has been spilled
  • Electrical wiring / outlet is shorting
  • Stairwells are slick
  • There is a broken window
  • ...Or any other like situation

These types of situations need to be handled immediately, so a call should be made to alert the Facilities staff.

How do I regulate the heat in my area?

Building parameters are set to fall within 70 to 74 degrees.
Anything below or above this range can be reported to the Facilities office at ext. 4720.

To report an emergency after business hours, call 926-6855, or Campus Security at 917-4440

Who do I contact for disposal of excess property?

Please contact Mindy McCall in Risk Management & Safety 541-917-4309