Business Office Forms

Accounting & Budget

2019-2020 Benefit Calculator

Billing Request Form (pdf)

Budget Projection Worksheet (pdf)

Contract Grant Information Summary (pdf)

Course Fee Request Form for General Fund Credit Course (pdf)

Journal Entry Request Form (pdf)

Petty Cash Voucher Fillable Format

Request for Board Resolution to Appropriate Funds (pdf)

Accounts Payable

Contracted Services Payment Voucher (pdf)

Request for Taxpayer ID# (W-9) (fillable pdf)

Gift Card Instructions and Log

Personal Service Contract Form (fillable pdf)

Monthly P-Card Submission Laserfiche Form

Request for Payment Voucher

Travel Voucher Instructions

Travel Voucher 2019 (fillable pdf)

Travel Voucher 2020 (fillable pdf)


Federal W-4

Oregon W-4

PTNC Classified and Exempt Hourly Timesheet

PTNC Faculty Hourly Timesheet

Faculty Hours Worked Report for Varying Schedules

Sick Leave Used Report for PT Faculty WCE

Learn and Earn Student Worker Timesheet

Contracted Classified and Faculty Timesheet

Contracted Exempt and Confidential Timesheet

Direct Deposit Form

Form I-9

Redistribution Request Form

2019-2020 Payroll Schedule 

Payroll Authorizations

PTNC Faculty Payroll Authorization

PTNC Classified and Exempt Payroll Authorization

Contracted Employee Payroll Authorization

Cellphone Stipend Payroll Authorization

Learn and Earn Student Worker Payroll Authorization


Approval Queue Authorization Form (pdf)

Approval Queue Authorization Form-(fillable pdf)

LBCC Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

Procurement Card Request Form (fillable pdf)

Public Records Request Form (fillable pdf)

Quotation Purchase Summary Form-(fillable pdf)

Substitute Memo for Missing P-card Receipt (fillable pdf)

Vendor Account Request Form