How was Inspired developed?
The Inspired platform was created in 2013 after extensive research to learn how the college was perceived and understood, and what types of emotionally resonant words that people associated with and believed about the college. The research included focus groups with prospective students, current students, community leaders, LBCC Foundation donors, and college employees. It also included a communitywide survey.

How long will Inspired last?
We specifically tried to find a platform that was flexible and scalable enough to last at least 7 years. The exact life span of Inspired will be informed by research. When research shows it has lost its ability to reflect positively on the college, it will be time to begin a fresh project. Some brand platforms are able to stand the test of time. Nike’s “Just Do It” celebrates its 28th birthday in 2017, and our hope is Inspired will also have a long and productive life.

What does Inspired mean?
Both intellectual and emotional definitions are important to any brand platform, including Inspired.

From the intellectual standpoint, the definition of Inspired when associated with the college can be perceived in at least two different ways:

  1. An adjective that modifies the college and instructors, who through real-world experience, are themselves inspired.
  2. A descriptor of what the students can expect to feel or become after walking through the doors of Linn-Benton. While motivation comes from within, inspiration comes from an external force -Linn-Benton Community College.

This is an internal / external perception (active vs. passive, doer vs. done to) - both very positive; all done with one very powerful word.

From an emotional standpoint, research indicates the word resonates across audiences when associated with the college. It allows people to bring their own positive meaning to the phrase. Marketing experts have theorized that the extraordinary lifespan of “Just Do It” is attributable to a good fit with product and the possibility of broad personal/emotional interpretations from people who interact with it.

Is Inspired related to the college values?
Yes, there is a strong correlation. Although the development of Inspired and the recent refinement of the college values were separate processes, there is an extraordinary overlap between them. Many of the attributes that prospective students and community members said the college had – or should have – are definitions of the college values. Here is an example of attributes that matched college values.

College Values:
Community Attributes:
Enrich lives
Advanced thinking
Builds relationships


What is expected of me?
An organization’s brand must be a promise that it keeps. Therefore, understanding the LBCC’s brand is a great first step in meeting the expectation that you will contribute to an Inspired organization.

Because the Inspired brand strongly complements the college values, understanding and living the values of opportunity, excellence, inclusiveness, learning and engagement is also crucial. An organization that exemplifies such values will be inspired and inspiring.

As you encounter people and situations that are inspired and/or inspiring, sharing those with the marketing department is also helpful. While we don’t want to limit the power of Inspired by providing one definitive definition, we do want to offer concrete examples that show we are keeping our brand promise.