LBCC Branding and Style Guide

LBCC logo
A brand is more than a logo, a color combination or a slogan. Our brand conveys our character, purpose and aspirations as the community leader in higher education.

This brand invites students of all walks and stages of life to achieve passionate, purposeful growth at LBCC. Moreover, it’s designed to empower all members of the campus community — including faculty, staff, and community members as well as students and alumni — to embrace shared strengths and take pride in their college, leaning into their identity as game-changers, dream-developers, and door-openers. We can all be part of strengthening and furthering this awareness.

The new logo mark is inspired by the hyphen between “Linn” and “Benton,” connecting the two words, as well as the campuses, cities, programs, and communities they represent. Meanwhile, the college’s Roadrunner mascot gives the hyphen forward-motion while representing progress toward goals. LBCC is committed to student success and inclusion; the new logo expresses this.

LBCC Brand Book
An introduction to the Linn-Benton Community College brand identity system — what it means, and how to use it properly.

Colors & Fonts
The official colors and typograpy. 

Logos for Web
Downloadable logos for website use, along with usage guidelines.

Logos for Print
Downloadable logos for print use, along with usage guidelines.

College Logo Usage
Guidelines for logo spacing and prohibited logo displays.

Branded Templates
Official templates for college use.

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LBCC Style & Branding FAQ 

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