Office Phones and Voicemail

Our phone and voicemail guru is Drew Corkery, x4356.  You will have voicemail on your office phone that you can easily check from home.  For more detailed instructions on voicemail, see the section below.

If you need to make a school-related long-distance call, you enter the number and wait for a long beep, at which point you dial your four-digit long distance access code.  You’ll need to check with the Division Admin or Secretary to get a long-distance access code.

One of the easiest ways to find a person’s phone number is to use the LBCC website (  Click on “Contacts” on the top left the homepage.  Under “Contact Us” click “Search Our Staff and Faculty Directory”.  You can search by: First name, Last Name, Building, Department, or Phone.  We also have printed phone directories available on request (ask the Division Admin).