Getting a Google Gmail Account

Every LBCC employee is assigned an LBCC Gmail account.  You will fill out request form when you meet with the Division Admin.  Your email address will be: in most cases (unless you are blessed with a particularly common name!).  We are trying to establish a campus culture in which students know that faculty can be reached at their Linn-Benton email address, so we ask that you use this address on your syllabus.  It is easy to forward mail from this address to another account if you dislike checking multiple email accounts (look in the help menu in the email program that you’d like to use, e.g. Gmail).

Once you get started using our email, you will often see emails that are to “public” and “everyone.”  The “everyone” emails go to, well, everyone.  Please use it only for college business that truly needs to be read by everyone, including the college president.  The public group is generally the more appropriate group to send messages about club events, community or non-profit events, etc.  You will also see the occasional paid ad – to send a message not related to college business (e.g. “free kittens”), stop by the Business Office in the Calapooia Center and pay a $2.00 fee.  Put “Paid Ad” in the subject line.