Q&A on Part-Time Faculty Meetings, Trainings, and Pay

Q:  When should Part-Time faculty seek prior approval from their Dean to attend a meeting or training?

A:  If a member is recognized as the Part-Time Faculty representative to a particular council or committee (i.e. College Council, Progression Council, Guided Pathways Core Team, or any other management initiated group doing college work) they need not get pre-approval each time a recurring meeting occurs.  In these cases, a single notice to the Dean about their ongoing membership and the schedule of the council should be sufficient. 

Any other meetings or training time that does not fall into this category should be discussed with the Dean prior to attendance in order to clearly determine whether or not the time is compensable.  If there is any "grey area" about whether the meeting time is college work or other... or whether someone is requiring attendance vs. an open invitation... seek prior clarification from the Dean.


Q-  I have heard that some trainings and meetings may be unpaid for part-time faculty.  When does the college not have to pay for training time? 

A: (Excerpt from BOLI- Technical Assistance) An employer does not have to pay for time spent in lectures, meetings or training programs if all of the following four criteria are met: 

  • Attendance is on employee´s own initiative (voluntary in nature).

  • Attendance takes place outside an employee´s regular work hours.

  • The training provided is not directly related to an employee´s current job.

  • An employee does not perform any productive work during the course of the training. See 29 Code of Federal Regulations, Part 785.

If any one or more of the above criteria are not met, the time is compensable.