Faculty Appraisals

We appraise your teaching in several ways. First, we ask you to submit some of your course materials (namely, your syllabus and textbook choice, and possibly other things on request) for review by your department chair to ensure that the materials meet the departmental norms and standards. Second, your Dean will observe one of your classes in your first term, and probably
once again in the next two terms (this will be by prior arrangement). Following the observation, the Dean will meet with you to discuss observations, make discussions, and hear from you about what is working and what additional support you might need. The Dean will also ask you in advance if there are things that you would particularly like to focus on in the observation (e.g. the level of student engagement, how clear the instructions are for assignments). If there are aspects of your teaching with which you are struggling, your Dean will work with you to craft solutions and provide support.

Your department chair may also sit in on one or more of your classes and will also share observations with you. After your first year, you can expect to have your department chair or Dean observe one of your classes at least once every three years. Please feel free to ask for a classroom observation if you would like feedback on a particular aspect of your teaching.