Tech Support

Media equipment in the classroom

Some of our classrooms are equipped with multi-media carts.  The carts include a computer that you can use for internet access, PowerPoint, etc.  These classrooms will also have a ceiling-mounted projector and a DVD player.  These media stations are locked with a combination lock.  The combination, which the Division Admin will give you, is common to all media stations on campus (except for the Fireside Room).  If you experience a problem with the technology in your classroom, call Media Services at x4672.  You can also receive training on the equipment by calling Media Services.

If you are in a classroom that is not equipped with a media cart, but need equipment for one or two classes during the term, simply call Media Services a day (or even a few hours, in most cases) in advance, and they will deliver what you need to your classroom.  If you plan on using technology in each class meeting, please let the Division Admin know prior to the start of term so that you can be assigned an appropriately equipped room.

Problems with your classroom

If the problem is with the classroom technology, call Media Services at x4672.