Moodle: Our Course Management System

Using Moodle (our Course Management System) for face-to-face classes

Using Moodle as a resource in a traditional class can be very helpful for students and for you.  The most basic use is as an online repository for assignments, the syllabus, class notes, and other materials.  It can also be used as a place to collect assignments in between class meetings or as a forum for students in the class to get in touch with each other and collaborate.  Any course can have what we call a “Moodle shell,” which is the basic framework that you can customize.  We ask instructors who are interested in using Moodle to attend a one-time (one-hour) training, which is offered through our Media Services department.  Contact the Distance Learning Office (x4647) to schedule training at a time convenient to you.  Please let the Division Admin know that you will be attending this training so that you can be compensated for your time.

Using Moodle to teach an online or hybrid class

As a general rule, we have our faculty (full and part-time) teach a course in the face-to-face (traditional) format before offering it as an online or hybrid (hybrid meaning partially online and partially face-to-face).  This is so that you have a chance to get a sense of our student body and to work out the details of how the course will be offered to Linn-Benton students.  We ask that you work closely with Distance Learning/Media Services (x4647) to develop your Moodle site during the term you are teaching the course face-to-face.  There may be additional compensation available for the extra planning involved in developing an online course, so please discuss this option with your department chair and Dean.