Executive Committee


Meet the Executive Committee, your Leadership Team for the 2019/2020 Academic Year



The president will act as PTFA representative at Board of Education meetings. The president will preside over Executive Team Meetings and ensure these meetings are productive and effective at achieving the goals of the Part-Time Faculty Association. The president is considered the “Face of the Part-Time Faculty Association” and is responsible for establishing and maintaining relationships with members of the Part-Time Faculty Association, administration, and other associations on campus. Contact: ptfapresidentLBCC@gmail.com 

Vice President of Membership: 

The Vice President of Membership is responsible for keeping a current list of members, for recruiting part-time faculty to take council and committee positions, reporting information obtained in these meetings, and sharing objectives with the councilors to represent PTFA during council meetings.  Contact: ptfamembershipLBCC@gmail.com 

Vice President of Negotiations:

The PTFA Vice President of Negotiations is primarily responsible for coordinating activities related to negotiations and bargaining.  Contact: ptfanegotiationsLBCC@gmail.com 

Vice President of Professional Relations:

The Vice President of Professional Relations acts as an official representative of the Part-Time Faculty Association on any occasion when representation is requested by an association member in invoking their Weingarten rights, report on a regular basis to the Executive Committee on the status of current grievances and issues, and maintain records of the grievances and member concerns to be made available to the Executive Committee as necessary. He or she will be required to have strong understanding of the needs of Part-Time Faculty Association members, and the language of the contract.  Contact: ptfarelationsLBCC@gmail.com 


The treasurer ensures that the PTFA is a good steward of our members’ dues, and provides oversight of fiscal integrity. The treasurer oversees all financial transactions, maintains accurate financial records, prepares an annual budget which supports the PTFA goals, and meets all state and federal filing requirements. Contact: ptfatreasurerLBCC@gmail.com 


The Secretary is in charge of document management for the Part-Time Faculty Association. Files are stored online and the Secretary should organize and maintain files and folders so other executive committee members and Association members at large can find and access what they need. The Secretary shall be responsible for recording attendance of members, collecting minutes from the college committee representatives, recording minutes of all Association meetings, posting the minutes and making them available to all members in a timely manner, and maintaining operational procedures (printing, mailing, room reservations) as designated by the President. He or she shall be responsible for maintaining the Association webpage and Executive Committee digital files.  Contact: ptfasecretaryLBCC@gmail.com 

For more information please contact us at ptfa.lbcc@gmail.com