This policy provides guidance on conditions for the development of administrative rules and departmental procedures for granting refunds of tuition and fees charged to students.

Refunding of Tuition

A student will receive a 100 percent tuition refund for the classes dropped within the published refund period. Students will not receive a tuition refund for classes dropped after the refund period.

Classes canceled by the college entitle the student to a full refund or re-enrollment in another class of the same cost in the same term without a late fee.

Students who are in the military and called to active duty will be eligible for a full refund or credit on their student account pursuant to ORS 341.531 and 341.532.

Refunds involving federal or state financial aid will be processed in accordance with the appropriate federal and state rules, which may require students to return a portion of their aid to LBCC. Refunds of payments made by third party payers will be processed in accordance with the rules of the college and those of the third party.

Refunding of General and Course Fees

Fees associated with credit courses and non-credit course fees shall be refunded in full when a course is dropped prior to the established refund deadline. Fees are refunded when a class is canceled by the college and the student does not enroll in a course with the same fees.

Refunding of Fees for Lessons and Consumable Supplies

Fees for individual lessons will be refunded to the student if the fees have been paid and the college cancels the lessons before the first lesson.

Fees for consumable supplies will be refunded to the student if the fees have been paid and the college cancels the class, or if the student drops the class before the supplies are purchased.


DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 05/18/88; 05/15/91; 06/17/92; 07/21/93; 05/21/03; 09/19/07; 11/20/13; 07/09/14

DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 06/30/14; 07/09/14