This administrative rule establishes the rules pertaining to student registration timelines, priority registration, add/drop deadlines, and enrollment status.



The dates for priority and open registration are published in advance. Registration continues through the first business day of the second week, for full-term classes with the exception of open-entry classes. Registration deadlines for less-than-full-term classes can be found in the deadlines to add courses table in the Schedule of Classes.

Priority Registration

Priority registration is available to admitted students and it is intended to help students progress towards graduation. Priority registration will be based on the total number of credits a student has earned at LBCC, or be based on the student completing a college determined activity that enhances the chances of their success and graduation from Linn-Benton Community College.


To add or drop a class, students use WebRunner or submit a Schedule Change form at the Registration Office or at one of the college's centers. A signature is required to add a class if not registered by the first day of the class. A fee may be charged for each class added past the add deadline.

Students may add themselves to a waitlist when a class is full. Students are added to a class from the wait list automatically throughout the add period for the course.

Instructors are responsible for moving students from the wait list for cross-listed classes and classes with separate lecture and lab sections. Beginning the first day of classes and through Monday of the second week, students must have an instructor's signature to be added to a class from the wait list for a full-term class. Students in less-than-full- term classes may be added from the waitlist until the day the class is scheduled to begin or with an instructor's signature if the course has started but the add deadline has not passed.

Students are responsible for dropping classes. Classes have deadlines for dropping with a refund. Students who stop attending without dropping the class or drop the class after the drop-with-refund deadline will forfeit all claims to refunds, will be responsible for repayment of financial aid if any, and will be responsible for their grade(s) in the class. See the refunds table in the Schedule of Classes for determining refund dates and amounts.

Students who drop a credit class after the drop-with-refund deadline are considered withdrawn and receive a withdrawal grade of “W”. For full term classes, students must withdraw from a class by the end of the seventh week of the term to receive the withdrawal grade.

Students who have not enrolled in compliance with the dates appearing in the Schedule of Classes will not receive academic credit nor will they be given any special consideration for registering in a class merely because they have been attending.

Enrollment Status Based on Registration

Students are considered enrolled full time if registered for 12 or more credits. Students in associate degree programs should plan to enroll in at least 15 credits per term to accumulate 90 credits in a six-quarter (two-year) period.

Students registering for 21 or more credit hours are required to have approval from their advisor or counselor.

The college may offer waiver programs that have more restrictive registration procedures.


DATE(S) OF REVISION(S): 09/22/92; 10/15/02; 06/01/10; 06/07/12; 11/7/13; 11/06/14; 11/1/18

DATE OF LAST REVIEW: 09/05/13; 11/1/18