Council Membership

Lead: Justin Smith, Director, Data & Decision Support

Our council brings together many different voices from throughout the college. Although some voices are consistent year to year, our membership rotates yearly in order to better reflect our particular focus for that year.


2018-2019 Academic Year Members

      Justin Smith, Council Lead

Director, Data & Decision Support

Danny Aynes

Nicole Ballinger


Director, Marketing & Grant Strategies


Diana Boro-Boswell

Faculty, Academic Foundation
      Leslie Hammond Dean, Student Engagement & Academic Foundations

      Francoise Howard

Faculty, Adult Basic Skills
      Laura Jones

Faculty, Social Science
      Carrie Kart

Advisor, Advising Center

Lara Miller

Becca Otto

Manager, Catalog, Curriculum, & Scheduling

Program Assistant, Academic Foundations


Michael Quiner

CIO, Information Services
      Marc Rose

Faculty, Welding Technology
      Katie Winder Dean, Arts, Social Sciences, & Humanities
     * Cindy Sparks, Council Coordinator Executive Assistant, Finance & Operations
     *  non-voting member