Council Membership

Council Lead: Gary Price, Regional Director of Linn County

Our council membership is diverse.  We bring together staff and faculty from many different departments and classifications, and include community members. Although some members remain the same from year to year, membership rotates in a way that benefits our directives from MERIT.

2017-2018 Academic Year Members

Gary Price
Bev Dunigan
Ann Buchele
Barb Horn
Charlie Mitchell
Chris Ruderman
Christina Horst-Apodaca
Dale Moon
David Becker
David Bird
Elaine Robinson
Jason Kovac
Jeff Davis
Jeff Flesch
Josefine Fleetwood
Joyce Thompson-Graham
Linda Carroll
Lynne Jenne
Malinda Shell
Marci Johnston
Scott Lawley
Shanshan Wei
Tammi Drury

Regional Director for Linn County; Council Lead
Coordinator, East Linn Centers; Council Coordinator
Vice President, Academic Affairs & Workforce Development
Student Activities Coordinator
Director, Small Business Development Center
Faculty, Business
Faculty, Accelerated Short-Term Training
Regional Coordinator, High School Partnerships
Dean -- Business, Applied Technology & Industry
Coordinator, Cooperative Work Experience
Director, Financial Aid
Dean -- Academic Foundations & Extended Learning
Regional Director for Benton County
Director, Extended Learning
Executive Director, Albany Chamber of Commerce
Coordinator, Adult Basic Skills/English Language Acquisition
Dean -- Healthcare
Adjunct Faculty, English Language Acquisition
Faculty, Academic Foundations
Career & Employment Specialist
Adjunct Faculty, Psychology
Research Analyst & Data Administrator
Transcript/Degree Evaluator