The Workforce and Economic Vitality Council works to...

  • Support a culture of workforce responsiveness in programming, services and operations.
  • Facilitate college-wide conversations among those working with community partners in supporting the economic vitality of our communities.
  • Advance LBCC’s mission by stimulating consistent, flexible, and innovative responses to existing and emerging workforce needs.

  • Keep business, organizations and the College community informed about how we are serving the community related to their workforce needs.

  • Advise the President and staff on significant issues relating to interfacing with the community on workforce issues and economic development.

  • Advise the President and staff on directions to take in response to major community initiatives, e.g. the cities’ strategic planning for economic development.

  • Make budget recommendations to the President and the Budget Team to further the College’s commitment to community training and economic initiatives.

  • Advocate for funding, including pursuing grants and external funds, for innovative programs that respond to community workforce needs and interests.

  • Serve as a forum for new ideas and initiatives with individuals representing different parts of the College and diverse points of view.

  • Analyze data collected within the College on community/workforce relations and translate the data into action.

  • Strengthen the connections between the Community strategic plan element and institutional effectiveness efforts.

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive plan of Career and Technical Education program development and continuous improvement (including high school  partnerships, Contracted Training, Small Business Development Center, CTE, new programs and business partnerships.

  • Develop and implement a marketing strategy for Career and Technical Education Programs.