Who and What is the MAC Team?

MAC stands for Mentoring and Assessment Coordinator.  MACs are LBCC faculty who are responsible for a course or a collection of courses (usually a gen ed area, such as Cultural Diversity).  You can ask any MAC to give you advice on developing outcomes or assessments, although you are likely to get the most helpful responses from the MAC assigned to your area.  MACs can attend your department meetings to help train full- and part-time faculty, or work more one-on-one with individual faculty.  MACs will also call meetings to discuss the results of assessments.

You can contact the appropriate MAC with your question, or send an email to the whole MAC team at MAC-LB@linnbenton.edu.  If you'd like to come to a MAC meeting, you are always welcome.  Please contact our faculty leads: Christy Stevens; or Chris Riseley.

Deron Carter
Andrew Feldman
Robin Havenick
Stacy Mallory
Roger Mauer
Kristi Murphey
Chris Riseley
Christy Stevens
Sally Widenmann
Katie Winder