Latest Update

September 2017

Construction has begun on the Industrial A middle shop area (former automotive shop) for the Mechatronics/Industrial Maintenance program. Contractors Triplett Wellman have installed a construction fence in the IA yard around the middle bay and on the courtyard side between buildings. Mechatronics will move from Industrial B into Industrial A in December during winter break.

Welding Fabrication moved into Industrial C south space in August. Final remodel in IC for fabrication will take place during summer 2018. Industrial C north will be remodeled to accommodate Pipe Welding during winter or spring 2018.

Remodel of Industrial B east (current Mechatronics lab) for Machine Tool expansion is scheduled to begin in January 2018. This is part one of a two part remodel in IB Machine Tool expansion. Once IB east is finished, Machine Tool will move from IB west to IB east, and IB west remodel will begin.

Summer 2018: Remodel south end of IC (former heavy equipment diesel shop) for welding fabrication program. Remodel IA welding space. Fabrication and Welding programs should be ready to go by fall term.

Updates to the Student Services areas are tentatively scheduled for summer 2018, which may include seismic upgrades to Industrial A and Willamette Hall.

Program locations after all remodels completed:

IA east: Welding Program
IA middle: Mechatronics Program
IA west: Non-Destructive Test Program

IB: Machine Tool

IC north: Pipe Welding
IC south: Welding Fabrication