Community Education Q & A

Answers to our frequently asked questions.


Extended Learning values the community and our students. We want to ensure that you have the most helpful information possible.

 Please call (541) 917-4840 if you need any clarity regarding services offered.

  • Q: Why take a Community Education class with LBCC?
    1. We have the most passionate, qualified instructors you will find. They have practical experience and love sharing it with you.
    2. Taking a class for fun with like-minded people in your community is an opportunity to experience something new or enhance existing interests or hobbies.
    3. We have experience - lots of it - having served the community since 1966.
    4. We care about serving YOU (our community).

  • Q: Where is my class held?

    A:  For your convenience, LBCC holds classes at over 50 locations throughout Linn and Benton counties. See the location guide at LBCC Community Locations

  • Q: How will I know the status of my class?

    A: The most current status of any class is reflected on the website. Even LBCC staff refer to this website for the most up-to-date information.

  • Q: How will I know if a class may be cancelled?
     A: We encourage you to register for classes you want to secure your spot in the class and to show your interest in the class so that it's not cancelled for lack of enrollment. We strive to offer the first class as scheduled unless there are zero participants registered. If not enough people show up for the first class resulting in the need to cancel, the class will be cancelled after the first class session. Within 24 hours of cancellation, if you are registered for the class, you will receive a phone call and a refund will be processed. If you are not registered you can check the website for class updates.
  • Q: Are all classes in each community served the same?
     No, there may be similarities, but classes can also be different region to region in length, duration, price, instructor, facilities, etc. Depending on the community, we may have more or less partners available to host classes, therefore, may limit the frequency or duration we can offer a particular class. As well, many instructors want to teach in the communities in which they live, so we schedule classes based on our available pool of expertise in any one community.
  • Q: How old do you have to be to take a Community Education class?
    Our classes are designed for learners across the life course. Depending on the instructor's preference who is teaching a particular class, some classes are open to youth. Depending on the class and instructor, some instructors ask that minors accompany their guardian, others do not. Although we try to list classes open to youth in their description, you can always call us and inquire about minors attending a particular class and we will do our best to accommodate them based on the comforts of the instructor.
  • Q: Why are the Community Education classes different each term?
    Because all of our instructors are part-time instructors, many of them have other obligations which may restrict their availability. Such obligations can limit their ability to teach a particular class every term so they may teach it infrequently. As well, we are always hiring new instructors with new ideas! We offer an average of 200 classes a term, with an average of 60 of them new each term. We encourage our instructors to propose unique ideas for new classes. That's why there is always something new to explore in Community Education.
  • Q: How does Extended Learning decide which community to offer a class in?
    Our classes are brought to particular communities based largely on the request of the instructor. Because all of our instructors are part-time, many of them have limited hours to give, sometimes affecting how far they can drive to teach a class. Our coordinators work diligently to find spaces in the community where instructors are comfortable teaching while also ensuring the classroom has the access to resources or technology needed for the class. That's why we have over 20 partner locations in the mid-Willamette Valley - to help find more locations instructors can teach in their requested communities.