Whether you plan to enter the sciences, a business or technical field, or the liberal arts, your career success will be enhanced by strong communication skills. English majors planning to transfer to Oregon State University are advised to complete the Associate of Science degree. OSU provides a program of courses for those interested in the English major or a minor in English or Writing, especially those who plan to teach English in the elementary or secondary schools, who plan to pursue graduate work in English, or both.

If you plan to transfer to the University of Oregon or any other state university, you should consider completing the AAOT degree. This is a general degree that needs to be tailored to the four-year institution you plan to attend. Work with an English advisor to review the program requirements of the four-year institution. You will want to enroll in these required classes while at LBCC to ensure that you are able to complete the Bachelor's degree in a timely manner.

Our programs and classes are designed to help you:

  • develop specific skills in academic, professional or creative writing
  • meet requirements for two-year and four-year degrees
  • prepare for the workplace
  • enrich your understanding of literature and the humanities

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