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  • Transfer to Oregon State University Engineering Program

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    This two-year degree provides a balanced pre-engineering curriculum to prepare you to transfer directly to OSU, fitting many different engineering majors.

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  • Civil Engineering Technology, One-Year Certificate

    This one-year certificate prepares you with mathematical and computer based skills for work as entry-level engineering technicians.

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  • Why Should You Go into Engineering?

    The Engineering Transfer program provides a balanced pre-engineering curriculum to prepare students for transfer to a bachelor's degree program. At the same time, the program offers an Associate of Science degree with an emphasis in engineering. The curriculum for this degree features a broad base of pre-engineering courses, a solid foundation in mathematics and the physical sciences, and core requirements in general education. The curriculum meets the requirements for admission to most of the engineering programs at Oregon State University and at other engineering bachelor's degree programs.

    Students entering the program with solid high school backgrounds in physics, chemistry, and pre-calculus mathematics can expect to complete the program in two years. Students who need to take any pre-calculus mathematics after their arrival on campus should expect to spend more than two years in the program.

  • Career Information

    All career information and statistics listed below are based off of the State of Oregon.

    Information on associated occupations, cost of attendance, loan debt for completers, and on-time completion rates for certificates can be found under Gainful Employment.

    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings:
    Median Earnings: Annual Openings: