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The study of engineering can open up a variety of opportunities for your career advancement and personal development. By learning to analyze problems, work in teams to solve them, communicate effectively with others, and manage complex projects, you can cultivate a skill set valuable in many areas of life.

LBCC’s engineering program offers a broad base of pre-engineering courses, a solid foundation in mathematics and the physical sciences, and core requirements in general education. It meets the requirements for admission to most of the engineering programs at Oregon State University, as well as to the engineering bachelor's degree programs of many other universities.

Students entering the program with solid high school backgrounds in physics, chemistry, and pre-calculus mathematics can expect to complete the program in two years. If you need to take complete pre-calculus after your arrival to LBCC, you should expect to spend more than two years in the program.

Blueprints with drawing compass on top
Electrical drawing blueprints

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