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Biological Sciences

If you enjoy discovering things about the natural world, biology might be a good fit for you. Biologists are people with a thirst to learn, who enjoy making observations. While employing the scientific method as a system of inquiry, they often find that with every solution, more questions arise.

This fascinating field of study involves communication within the scientific community as well as with the public. As a professional vocation, biology is a lifelong endeavor that requires continuously adapting to a changing world. It also involves appreciating new perspectives in a discipline that’s collaborative, challenging, and personally enriching.

Colorful coral reef
Whale tail appearing above the water in the ocean
King penguins in aquarium or zoo environment

Department Faculty

Greg Coleman photo
Greg Coleman
Warren Coffeen photo
Warren Coffeen
Rachel Glaeser photo
Rachel Glaeser
Bob Ross photo
Bob Ross
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Melissa Scherr
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Diana Wheat