Surgical Technologist

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the postponed Spring 2020 cohort of students has been moved to begin Fall 2021.  Therefore, the next anticipated application period is scheduled to open in January 2022 for a new Spring 2022 cohort.  The Spring 2022 program bulletin is scheduled to be posted to in the coming months.

Program Details

The Surgical Technologist program is CAAHEP accredited and is eligible for Federal Financial Aid. It’s comprised of online coursework, in-person labs, and a 360-hour total clinical practicum experience. There are a total of 18 spots available in this program per term.


As a part of this program, students will complete a 360-hour and 120-case total clinical practicum in a surgery center located in Oregon. LBCC partners with clinical sites throughout Oregon in order to give students the best experience possible. This work experience is essentially an extended job interview: students are expected to behave professionally and responsibly in the clinical setting. In addition, this experience is an excellent way for students to begin networking in the medical community.

The clinical portion of this program takes place during the final term. Students must complete at least 360 hours of clinical work in order to graduate. In addition, students must maintain a C average or better in all of their classes in order to remain eligible for their clinical practicum.

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate competence in the technological aspects of the surgical technician/technologist profession.
  • Provide surgical patient care and comfort with empathy and cultural competence.
  • Demonstrate competence in surgical technologist duties, procedures and cases.