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Sociology is a broad discipline that helps students see how their personal life choices (career, marriage, choosing a major, etc.) are shaped by larger social events and circumstances. It raises awareness about the current issues that could affect people’s choices in life.

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Cooperative Work Experience (CWE)

Through our CWE program, sociology students at LBCC gain an understanding of how various governments and non-governmental institutions work to bring about positive change in the lives of everyday people.

Should you be pursuing QMHA?

LBCC's associate degrees significantly prepare students for career paths that lead to becoming a Qualified Mental Health Associate (QMHA.) We encourage students to consult with their instructors for guidance on how our programs align with the qualifications needed for QMHA certification.

The QMHA certification, offered by the Mental Health and Addictions Certification Board of Oregon is beneficial for individuals pursuing careers in various mental health and addiction-related fields. Holding a QMHA certification can enhance opportunities in occupations such as mental health technician, behavioral health specialist, case manager, community support specialist, or residential counselor. These roles often involve providing direct support and assistance to individuals dealing with mental health challenges or substance use disorders.