Criminal Justice

Careers & Salaries

*The Criminal Justice Program at LBCC is no longer accepting new students. Continuing students have the 2023-2024 academic year to complete all Criminal Justice courses needed for the degree. Please get in touch with your advisor or LBCC's Advising Center for guidance on course selection. For new students interested in Criminal Justice careers, an AS or AAOT in Sociology, Psychology, or Communication are strong preparation and sought-after degrees for a career in criminal justice or entry to the Oregon Police Academy.

Graduates of the Criminal Justice program at LBCC can expect to find jobs in probation, law enforcement, and corrections. Most law enforcement jobs are in patrol, traffic, and investigation, while probation officers help offenders readjust to life in the community. A few examples of job titles in this field include:

  • Policy Patrol Officer
  • Correctional Officer or Jailer
  • Lawyer

For detailed career and salary information, visit the LBCC Career Coach.

All career information and statistics listed here are provided by the State of Oregon.