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Degree Programs

While there is no substitute for meeting with your advisor regularly, these DPP transfer guides can be a good reference as well. Click the links below to explore further.

The column on the left is a list of LBCC's Associate of Science degrees for each major, and those links will take you to a transfer guide. On the right lists the corresponding OSU degree options, and those links will take you to OSU department websites for additional information.

LBCC Associate of Science

OSU Degree

Agricultural Business Management

Environmental Economics & Policy (BS)


Agricultural Business Management (BS)

Agricultural Sciences

Crop and Soil Science (BS)


Agricultural Sciences (BS)


Horticulture (BS)


Transfer Pages: Agriculture Sciences Community College

Animal Sciences

Animal Sciences (BS)


Anthropology (BA or BS)


Art (BA or BS)


Interior Design (BS)

Biological Sciences

Biology (BS)


Bioresource Research (BS)


Botany (BS)


Food Science & Technology (BS)


Department Page:    Forestry (BS)   

Transfer Page:  OSU Forestry Transfer Credits 

Biological Sciences:
Microbiology emphasis

Microbiology (BS)

Biological Sciences:
Zoology emphasis

Zoology (BS)

Biological Sciences or
Chemistry or Physics

Biochemistry & Biophysics (BS)

Biological Sciences  or Physics  

Radiation Health Physics (BS)

Business Administration

Accounting (BS)


Business Administration (BA or BS)


Business Information Systems (BA, BS)


Finance (BA, BS)


Management (BA, BS)


Marketing (BA, BS)


Chemistry (BS or BS)


Speech Communication (BA or BS)

Computer Science

Computer Science (BA or BS)


Economics (BA or BS)

Elementary Education (if you are interested in secondary education, contact Christy Stevens,

*Double Degree Program (required for teacher certification at OSU)

HDFS: Child Development 

Human Development & Family Science 220 credit program (BS)

Liberal Studies: Pre-Elementary Education

Liberal Studies: Pre-Elementary Education 220  credit program

Elementary Education, AAOT

Elementary Education 180 credit hybrid program (BS)


Chemical Engineering (BS)


Civil Engineering (BS)


Construction Engineering Management (BA or BS)


Ecological Engineering (BS) 


Electrical & Computer Engineering (BS)


Environmental Engineering (BA or BS)


Forest Engineering (BS)


Forest Engineering - Civil Engineering (BS)


Industrial Engineering (BS)


Manufacturing Engineering (BS) 


Mechanical Engineering (BS)


Nuclear Engineering (BS)


English (BA)

English: Creative Writing -  LBCC does not have an Associate of Science in Creative Writing. Please use this as a guide for a path to Creative Writing at OSU.

Creative Writing (BA)

Environmental Science

Environmental Science (BS)

Equine Science

Animal Sciences (BS)

Exercise & Sport Science

Kinesiology (formerly Exercise and Sport Science) (BS)

Fisheries & Wildlife

Fisheries & Wildlife (BS)

Food & Fermentation Science

Enology and Viticulture Option (BS)


Fermentation Science Option (BS)


Food Science Option (BS)

General Science

Biohealth Science(formerly General Science) (BS)

General Science emphasis

Geography and Geospatial Science (BS)


Earth Sciences with Geology Option (BS)

Health Management & Policy

Public Health (BS)

Health Promotion & Behavior

Public Health (BS)


History (BA)

Human Services

Human Services (BS)

Journalism/Mass Communication

* (BA or BS)

Liberal Studies

Anthropology (BA or BS)


Communication (BA or BS)


Economics (BA or BS)


English (BA)


Ethnic Studies (BA or BS)

Liberal Studies: Foreign Language

Foreign Languages & Literatures (BA or BS)

Liberal Studies: Marine Studies

Marine Studies 

Liberal Studies: Spanish

Foreign Language: Spanish (BA or BS)


History (BA or BS)

Liberal Studies: Philosophy

Philosophy (BA or BS)


Political Science (BA or BS)


Psychology (BA or BS)


Sociology (BA or BS)


Mathematics (BS)

Merchandising Management

Merchandising Management (BS)


Music (BA or BS)

Nutrition & Food Service Systems

Nutrition & Food Service Systems (BS)


Physics (BA or BS)

Political Science

Political Science (BA or BS)


Psychology (BA or BS)

Religious Studies

Religious Studies (BA or BS)

**Secondary Education (see information below)



Sociology (BA or BS)

Baccalaureate Core Course Options

Baccalaureate Core Courses

* Journalism/Mass Communication: Students who complete the AS degree in Journalism should plan to complete the Liberal Studies degree at OSU. Contact the Journalism advisor at LBCC or the Liberal Studies advisor at OSU for a complete list of recommended courses.

** Secondary Education: Students who wish to teach high school will major in their content area. For example, future high school English teachers major in English. In order to obtain teacher certification, students will need to either participate in the OSU Double Degree Program and earn an additional bachelor degree in education or they will need to enter the MAT (Master's of Arts in Teaching Program). Students at LBCC will work with two advisors. Their primary advisory is the faculty advisor in their program. Their secondary advisor is an education advisor. To learn more about teacher certification and the different pathways, please contact LBCC advisor Christy Stevens.