LBCC + Oregon State University

Apply for the OSU Degree Partnership Program

OSU-Bound Students

If you want to be an OSU Beaver and dual-enroll with LBCC, you will fill out a single application that will simultaneously admit you to OSU and to the Degree Partnership Program. This application will require the regular OSU application fee (currently $65).  Check out our calendar to find out application deadlines and other key information.  Feel free to contact us for help anytime.

To find out if you are eligible to apply to OSU, click here to read the admissions requirements. If it turns out that you are not yet eligible, it's easy to get started at LBCC and then apply to the Degree Partnership Program after completing 24 graded transferable credits, completing your basic writing class (WR 121 English Composition) with a grade of C or better, completing either MTH105 or MTH111 with a grade of C or better, and earning a minimum GPA of 2.25.  (While completion of college-level math is strongly recommended, transfer students may be admitted to OSU without math if they have met all other requirements with at least a 2.50+ transfer GPA.  Once admitted to Degree Partnership, a college-level math course must be completed within the first 45 credits.)

Ready to fill out the application? (Once you begin, you can logout and complete the application later.

OSU undergraduate admission deadlines


Current OSU Students

Ready to become a Degree Partnership Student? It’s free to add, and you’ll simply be modifying your original application to OSU to include DPP. 

OSU recently updated their application, so here are some step-by-step instructions for students admitted to OSU prior to fall 2021.  The application will automatically enter the next upcoming term as the term of entry for DPP.  

For students admitted for fall term 2021 or beyond and would like to add DPP to your student account, log in to your Beaver Basecamp Portal  https://discover.oregonstate. edu/apply. In the “Next Steps Checklist” section select “Confirm Enrollment”.   On the confirmation page look for the options of adding DPP and taking a class at OSU right away or not taking a class at OSU until a future term, and answer according to your plans.  Designate LBCC as your partner school and click on the update button.

And always feel free to contact us for help.




Once admitted to DPP - Next Steps