LBCC + Oregon Tech (OIT)

Did you know Oregon Tech (also known as OIT) has over 40 programs of study, including STEM, business, and health care? As a dual-enrolled student, you can choose to attend classes at two LBCC campuses (in Albany or Corvallis) and at two Oregon Tech campuses (in Wilsonville or Klamath Falls). You can also participate online. Prepare for career advancement in a technical field while benefiting from the supportive learning community at LBCC, where you’ll work in class sizes of 15-40 students with masters-qualified instructors.




See how the degree paths at LBCC line up with what’s on offer at Oregon Tech — and how you can combine the two to achieve your purpose.

Oregon Tech Degree Programs



Benefits of Dual Enrollment

  • Advising at both colleges
  • Financial aid for qualified students
  • More classes for scheduling flexibility
  • Library and computer resources at both colleges
  • Easier transition from LBCC to Oregon Tech
  • Build skills at LBCC and take lower-division courses at either LBCC or Oregon Tech
  • Match courses from LBCC to specific programs at Oregon Tech



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