LBCC + Oregon Tech (OIT)

Degree Programs

Oregon Tech has over 30 degree options in fields of Engineering and Technology, Business and Communications, and Medical/Health Care.  Find out more at the OIT website.

Oregon Tech's Bachelor of Applied Science in Technology and Management (BAS) is designed specifically for students who have completed a technical Associate of Applied Science or Associate of Science degree and are seeking career advancement into management or in their technical career field.  The degree builds on 60 credits of CTE courses, and adds business, management, information technology, and general ed courses to complete the BAS.

For students who plan to transfer to Oregon Tech, check out the course transfer information.  Once you are on the Oregon Tech page, click on the school tab and select LBCC to see the transfer guide you are interested in.  These are a good reference tool, but not official transfer documents.  Students should contact an Oregon Tech academic advisor to get the most current degree requirements.