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Cooperative Preschools

Live and Learn with Your Preschooler

In a Cooperative Preschool, parents join the teacher in providing a positive learning environment for children ages 3–5. Children attend preschool for two-and-a-half hour sessions, two or three days per week (depending on the class), with parents taking turns assisting the teacher. Class activities are planned and parenting topics are discussed at parent meetings.

Who can attend?

Parents and their 3- to 5-year olds.

What do we talk about?

  • Creating a learning environment to support all children
  • Laying the foundation for success in school
  • Selecting a parenting style that reflects your goals and values
  • Building a strong, healthy relationship with your child
  • Identifying positive guidance strategies
  • Utilizing and contributing to the resources and supports in your class and community


Cost varies, tuition assistance may be available. (See tuition grant application and instructions below.)


A new law in the State of Oregon requires schools and children's facilities to make available the immunization and exemption rates for each vaccine. We have complied with that law, and information for each of our preschools can be found at Immunization & Exemption Rates.


How to Support Preschool Programs

Help the Parenting Education Department support all families to be the best parents they can be by participating in these fundraising strategies:

  • When you shop at the First Alternative Cooperative tell the checker that you support LBCC Preschool Co-ops and they will donate to our tuition grant fund.
  • Sign-up for eScrip. Each time you shop at one of the eScrip merchants, eScrip gives the LBCC-Cooperative Preschools program a percentage of the sale. Local merchants include Safeway, Market of Choice, Burger King, and Cold Stone Creamery.
  • Make a tax-deductable donation to the LBCC Foundation – Parenting Education Tuition Grant Fund. For details on ways to give visit the LBCC Foundation page or contact Jerri Wolfe at (541) 917-4891.  

Cooperative Preschool Locations

Albany/ Lafayette Elementary School

  • Instructor: Patty Baker
  • Location: Lafayette Elementary School, 3122 Madison Street SE, Albany
  • Lab time and days: 9:00 - 11:30 a.m., M, W and R
  • Evening seminars: 5 meetings of 3 hours each - Mondays, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.
  • For more information or to enroll, please call (541) 917-4899

Corvallis/LBCC Benton Center

  • Instructor: Paula Jenssen
  • Location: LBCC Benton Center, 757 NW Polk Avenue, Corvallis
  • Lab time and days: 9 - 11:20 a.m., M, W and F
  • Evening seminars: 7 - 8:30 p.m., Mondays - 6 meetings total plus readings and Google discussions
  • For more information or to enroll, please call (541) 917-4899.